Narine Ishhanov will be graduating this upcoming Spring of 2018 with a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Utah. Narine is currently a CEO of a national transportation services trucking company, KTI Transportation INC. Narine Ishhanov was born in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. And comes from an Armenian heritage and ethnicity. At the age of ten, Narine immigrated with her family to the United States of America in the year of 2004. Narine’s dream is to become a dentist just like her great grandfather. She was always so inspired by her great grandfather’s humanitarian  generosity to his community.  Due to the political climate at the time. He was not allowed to help and serve the people of the Soviet Union. He still found the courage and strength to help. Narine is devoted to her faith, family, and friends. Narine absolutely adores dogs. She is the proud mother of a golden retriever named “Jack”. She adopted her beloved Jack, brought him into her home and has since fostered him. Aside from this Narine is an extraordinary painter. She discovered her passion for art as a young child. Throughout her life she developed a skill for various forms of painting styles, ranging from acrylic to oil paintings. Narine finds herself in a different world when she is painting.  Her charisma and effervescent personality can be seen in her artwork. Furthermore, Narine has a niche for the sciences. She is an Ambassador for the STEM Action Center of Utah, her goal is to inspire kids, especially immigrant girls, to pursue an education and career in the STEM field. Narine is determined to complete her goal by becoming a  Dentist in the future. She is grateful for the opportunities that come with pursuing an education in the science field. As Miss Utah USA she encourages everyone, especially young girls to understand importance of a career in STEM. Because they are stimulating, fulfilling, and provide a great amount of stability.  She seeks to emphasize how important STEM careers are for our future!