Maizy Abbott

Maizy Abbott is currently a resident of Pleasant View, Utah, but this 18-year-old has had the privilege of living all over the great state of Utah! She had a 4.0-grade average throughout high school with over 39 college credits and was on the highest honor roll for 3 years. Maizy’s education and scholastic endeavors are vast, ranging from being the National Honors Society Vice President, a suicide-prevention advocate, attending Weber Business Academy, and being the Utah DECA Technology Vice President. Maizy participated in the Regional, State, and National Future Business Leaders of America competitions from 2019 to 2022. She also participated in the Regional, State, and International DECA Career Development Competitions from 2020 to 2022! Her love of philanthropy is furthermore unmatched! While balancing school, Maizy also assisted in creating a food pantry at Weber High School for students in need, tied 50 blankets for refugees, and hosted a Utah Business College Week for business institutions to speak to students to help them apply to college. Her list of credits only continues as her passion for helping others fuels her from teaching financial literacy to sixth graders, teaching first graders to read, and working as a child care worker for children with life-threatening diseases in the summer.

This fall Maizy will be attending Utah State University to study as a Professional Pilot with a fixed-wing emphasis. She plans in the next year to be a licensed private pilot, then begin working to become a certified flight instructor and gain her airline transport pilot ratings. When Maizy is not soaring the skies she enjoys philanthropy work, her favorite platform being ‘Take the Risk!’ This cause encourages young girls to step outside the restraints of their comfort zone and take a chance on themselves. She believes everyone has something they wish to accomplish but fears failure. Thus, She is working towards inspiring fearlessness!

One of Maizy’s passions is traveling! She has a goal to visit all 63 national parks in the country, so far she has been to 11! Yellowstone is her favorite! For fun, Maizy has a talent for archery and enjoys modeling on the side, appearing in campaigns for Fuji Film and graced the cover of Vigour magazine.