On November 19th, Baylee Jensen won the title of Miss Utah USA 2017. She also made history by becoming the first daughter of a former Miss USA to compete for the same title in the upcoming pageant this summer. Baylee recently graduated from Utah State University with honors, Lambda Pi Eta, with a degree in Communication Studies and dual minor in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She plans on working in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Baylee has been a dancer for several national dance teas over her 15 years of dance experience and finished up as a dancer at Utah State. She’s traveled all across the stat of Utah, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.

She didn’t have a life long childhood dream of being in a pageant, but decided to run for Miss Utah USA in 2015. Her very first pageant and she placed as first runner up. She decided to come back and compete for the title and earned the crown for Utah.

In addition to this title, Baylee is also a licensed make-up artist and served a number of wedding and model clients. She also has had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. as an event coordinator for a marketing firm.

Baylee is passionate about the youth of our state and nation and is excited to participate in as many activities as possibly during her year. She is the oldest of five children and represented the city of South Jordan during the Miss Utah USA pageant.

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